The 10 Ps For More Productive Meetings
The 10 Ps For More Productive Meetings

Satish Shenoy


'Do you struggle to stay focused in meetings?'' Would you rather be somehwere else?

Have you ever sat in a meeting wondering what the original purpose of the meeting was?

Meetings are such an integral part of corporate life and knowing how to make the most of them would help you get more work done efficiently. Having worked in companies large and small, from large Fortune 500 companies to seed stage startups, I have honed this skill of planning, running and participating in meetings in various settings over 20 years. In this highly interactive workshop, I will share the 10 Ps for More Productive Meetings (Purpose, Plan, Place, Participation, Product (or Outcome) and more...) on how to run and participate in meetings to achieve the outcomes you want.



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